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(Deutsch) “Blütenträume” in Marchtrenk (AT)

The first exhibition in the context of the opening of the 4614 Galerie Marchtrenk is entitled “Blütenträume” (Blossom Dreams). I am happy to be part of it with four coloured pencil drawings! There will also be works from Kathrina Sofie Baumgartner, Jasmin Eder, Jürgen Grazzi, Christine Hirschberg, Barbara Schoberberger, Susanne Steinbacher und Franz Weiß. Opening: […]

“Realistic – Fantastic” in Traun (AT)

“Realistic – Fantastic” in Traun (AT)

In this summer exhibition, the Galerie der Stadt Traun (AT) presents 7 artists from the European Art Circle, who have dedicated themselves to the figurative style. I am happy to be part of it and to show my work in Traun! Opening: 27 June 2018, 19.00 hrs Duration: 27 June to 19 August 2018 Opening hours: […]

“Dream and Time” in Aichach (DE)

The two organizers and curators Conny Krakowski and Georg Huber have invited many great colleagues for their  Exhibition “Dream and Time” at Sisi Castle in Aichach (DE). So I am all the more pleased to be part of it, I will be there personally and look forward to new contacts!