"The love of nature is an endless source of inspiration.
My paintings encourage nature-loving people to develop their imagination and see nature with different eyes.
Let yourself be enchanted and discover a world full of beauty and magic!"

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than immersing myself in the wonder world of nature.
Either when working in our permaculture garden or when drawing and painting. Both fill me with joy and gratitude.

The garden gives me unimaginable abundance and shows me the ups and downs of life with nature. There I find peace and recharge my batteries - or really work up a sweat. It teaches me mindfulness towards all beings and that everything is connected to everything else.

Art helps me to be completely with myself and to fire my imagination. Through it, I discover magical worlds full of wondrous creatures. And it's my perfect way to encourage people to unleash their imagination - one of the most important skills for an exciting and fulfilling life!

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