“4 Art-Comrades” in Weinburg (A)

The joint exhibition of Jürgen Grazzi, Gabriele Gugg, Christine Hirschberg and myself under the title “4 Art-Comrades” will take place at the Kunstbahnhof Klangen (operator Jürgen Grazzi) in Weinburg, in the beautiful Pielach Valley. In this extraordinary ambience we show our work and look forward to many interested guests at the opening! Opening: 29 July […]

“The Unknown Land” in Braunau (A)

With the jointly organized exhibition “The Unknown Land”, Christine Hirschberg and I are bringing some not so well-known but nevertheless incredibly good artists from Austria before the curtain: Jürgen Grazzi, Gabriele Gugg, Ernst Neuhold-Thupten, Klaus Schöberl and Georg Szloszjar. Opening: 1 June 2017, 7 pm Duration: 1 June to 1 July 2017 Opening hours: Tues […]

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