CoverAbout a year ago Otto Rapp invited me to his private Visionary Art Network and since then I came in closer contact with many fellow artists. The Visionary Art Network is extremely popular with both artists and those interested in art and the number of members is increasing steadily. To give an overview of the many talented artists, Otto Rapp has now published the first Visionary Art Yearbook. In a great layout, it shows with over 400 pictures and illustrations impressively the different styles of the community, including many of the best visionary artists in the world.

EssayWhen Otto asked me for a short English text about visionary art for the yearbook, I felt totally honored – and was of course happy to comply his request. With a little English-fine grinding from Otto, the text can now be found on page 146, next to a text by Delvin Solkinson, whom I absolutely esteem not only because of his art, but also for his great commitment to permaculture projects.

BildIt also makes me particularly pleased that my image “World of Thoughts” is depicted beside so many great works in the Visionary Art Yearbook. On page 101 it is in best Austrian company with Silvia Pechas, Franz Landls and Ernst Neuholds pictures.

Visionary Art Yearbook 2010 – 2011, available at Blurb.